What We’re Doing to Keep Our Community Safe

As the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to expand, the health and safety of the Blossom Cleans community remain our highest priority. We are closely monitoring the rapidly changing situation. We will share updates to our service and policies here to ensure that clients are able to get the help they need and that our Professionals have appropriate guidance and support to safely and effectively do their job during these challenging times.

Blossom Cleans is here to help the community, and we are committed to keeping our Business open, in accordance with applicable guidance from government authorities.



We require that Cleaning Professionals wear PPE during bookings and encourage customers to wear face coverings during bookings as well.


DAILY SELF-Check and Weekly Covid-19 Tests FOR Cleaning Professionals

  • Professionals do Bi-weekly Covid-19 tests
  • We are requiring every professional to confirm that they are not experiencing any Covid-19 Symptoms
  • Clients confirm you have not had COVID-19, related symptoms, or known exposure to anyone with COVID-19. If you have, be sure to comply with all local health authority quarantine timelines before booking our services.  All cancellation fees will be waived and appointments reschedule without penalty due to illness.